How does the 'new' come into existence?

Let us appreciate it: we live in a world that is driven by constant change. It's in the very definition of life: the complex interplay of resources and challenges.
Evolution has led to a mind blowing abundance of processes doing exactly that: Creating resilience through change!


Applying the principles of design thinking and intense user-research, I love to take design innovation to the next level.




How can we embrace change to drive desirable futures?

In my work, this is what I aim for: researching, analysing, proposing, prototyping and teaching new processes and systems in order to drive change towards desirable futures.


Using the wisdom of nature, a vivid network of ambitious people, that I have the fortune to collaborate with and a great deal of digital high-tech, I aspire to be a an empowering consultant, an inspiring professor and a loving father!

Photo: Stadtgören Fotografie

Academic Endeavours

My academic activities are based at HS ANHALT, located in the monumental heritage BAUHAUS-Building in Dessau, next t0 Berlin/Leipzig. I research and teach interaction design, including  the fields User Experience, Data Visualization, Parametric Design and Artificial Intelligence. Our philosophy is based on Walter Gropius holistic model, which we adapted to address 21th century challenges.


As vice-dean I strive to further develop Dessau's role as a disruptive design school.


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Curriculum Vitae / Selected Projects


+  Professor for Interaction Design at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

+  Partner and Shareholder at CAVORIT GmbH


+2021 Hearing Aid – Praxis Semester für eine generative OpenSource Hörhilfe.

+2020-2021 Consulting and Information Design Daimler AG Decarbonisation Initiative

+2019 Erfolgreiche Einwerbung Transferprojekt „Forza“ (ca. 400.000€, BMBF)

+2019 Erfolgreiche Einwerbung Startup „Panels“ (ca. 230.000€, Investitionsbank)

+ 2020 HICCS Paper „Delphi Design Sprint Methodology“

+2019 Campain ITZ Bund mit Serviceplan

+2018 Consulting and prototyping virtualiziation of jet-engine performance for Rolls-Royce

+2017 "Design against walls" with Prof. Alejandro Lecuna

+2016 Introduction of Y-Method at DGTF - Conference

+2016 Consulting Cavorit GmbH in it's founding phase

+2014 - 2017 Research Project "Kinetic Change" with BiTs Iserlohn and BTK Berlin, Prof. Dr. Ralf Lanwehr

+2013 - 2014: Deputy Professor Interaction Design, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Dessau

+2013: Academic Paper on Smart Geometries 'Gradient Grid - A Spring Mesh with Different Zones of Flexibility'

+2011: IF Gold Award

+2010: Boulevard of Stars, Berlin

+2010: Reflective Kinematronic Sculpture "Mobility" for Shanghai World Expo

+2009: OttoBock Science Center for Medical Technology

+2013: New Research Project 'Kinetic Change' about tangible communication of cooperate processes. With Prof. Dr. Ralf Lanwehr.

+2013: New Patent about gradient structures through Rapid Manufacturing.

+2012: 'Manta Rhei' - Kinetik OLED Luminaire

+2012: 'Four Rivers' – Semantic Caustic Surface, Gwangju, South Korea

+2011: Birth of my lovely daughter Mina.

+2011: ADC New York Award – Silver Cube,

+2011: ADC Deutschland Bronzener Nagel,

+2009: Otto Bock Science Center for Medical Technology

+2008: Publication at Form+Zweck, "TUI–Tangibility of the Digital"

+2008: Exhibition at ARS Electronica Festival, Linz

+2008 - 2013: Senior Art Director at ART+COM

+2008 Project 'Cockpit' – driving in the digital age

+2008 - 2011: Visiting Professor at Chinesisch Deutsche Kunstakademie, Hangzhou, China

+2007: design reaktor - assisted in the development of five pending student patents

+2007: "Generative Growth", for "Prototypen" Exhibition at Stiftung Brandenburger Tor

+2006 Diploma: TransForm - a geodesic tangible shape display

+2006-2008 Cooperation with Hyperwerk, Basel

+2006 - 2013: Docent at the Berlin University of the Arts

+2003-2008: Freelance Interaction Design Professional

+2003 Cultural Clusters, Assistant docent at Prof. Lankilde in cooperation with Mitsubishi Mobile Europe

+2001-2006: Interaction Design Studies at ID5-Fachgruppe für interaktive Systeme

+1998 International Patents for flexible mesh Formetall / Flexmetall

+Born 1979



Consulting and Prototyping

My consulting activities are strongly associated with CAVORIT Consulting, a Berlin-based start up innovating human aspects of Data Science. It does so by facilitating a combination of big data visualization/interaction, business psychology and strategic consulting.


CAVORIT hosts both research and commercial projects. Clients range from international companies like Google, Rolls-Royce and SAP to Berlin start-ups and NGOs.


CAVORIT's passion is to empower user-centric innovation.


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Prof. Hermann Wolfram Klöckner